DirectMail2.0 is a cloud-based marketing platform that enhances the results and trackability of Direct Mail. You fulfill your clients’ direct mail order as usual, and we do the rest.

DirectMail2.0 provides 6 different services bundled into one convenient package:

Mail Tracking: Just Upgraded! Visually track expected and actual delivery of your mailing.

Call Tracking: Just Upgraded! Demographic information on all callers along with downloads of the actual call.

Google Online follow-up: Retargeting. Get dozens of additional impressions from web visitors.

Social Media Online follow-up: Retargeting. More impressions while scrolling social media feeds of Facebook & Instagram.

SocialMatch: Targeted delivery on Facebook & Instagram. We match mailing list addresses to social media profiles and deliver ads directly to those targeted in the mailing

Informed Delivery: USPS’ Newest product. One of the first platforms to have integrated with the USPS for this new feature. Prospects receive emails with images of their direct mail and you see how many got it, opened and clicked on it.

With the DirectMail2.0 management portal, you can set up new client campaigns in less than 10 minutes and access their results in real time. Its intuitive, user-friendly design makes it easy to review and manage your clients’ campaigns.

Clients who use DirectMail2.0 get a better response, they reorder 70% more than those who use traditional direct mail!

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